Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The History of Pie

The History of Pie

Though many people think of pie during Thanksgiving time, it existed long before Thanksgiving did.  In fact, pie styled foods date back to 500 years before the wheel was invented.  The ancient Greeks were thought to create the first pastry shell and the Romans filled them with meat. As it developed, mincemeat pies became a staple food item, especially in England

The crusts were called coffins and a top crust was originally used to keep the filling fresh for longer periods of time.  Fruit pies evolved as well, though many people ate them as breakfast.  The pilgrims brought over traditional, English styled meat pies to America.  During the 1700s, sweet pies became a new craze, with a variety of different fruit and fillings.  Apples became more popular as a filling, and early Americans thought apples as a symbol of prosperity.  Thus, it became an American favorite.  This history of pie is what morphed into the dessert world we know now.  Both meat and sweet pies are still commonly seen throughout the world. 

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